We are currently capable of delivering the following services:
Fire Protection System consulting, design & Installation
Fire flow & pressure testing using certified equipment.
Industrial Gas Upgrades.
Industrial gas fitting license Type (B) and installation of Class I, high pressure gas pipework.
Excavator & loader hire
Poly butt welding & electro fusion capabilities in sizes from 15mm to 250mm.
Design & Installation of Commercial & Industrial Heating Systems.
Backflow testing and maintenance.
Design & Installation of Reticulated Welding Gas Systems.
Commercial/Industrial Maintenance
Safety inspection and data log testing of all gas appliances & piping systems
Roofing, gutters and flashing
Acoustic leak detection.
Drainage CTV hire Installation, servicing & commissioning of Type B appliances.
Power & water jet drain unblocking equipment
Design & Installation of Renewal Energy systems to suit housing and commercial buildings
Building Maintenance & Compliance Check
Bricklaying & Gyprocking & Tiling
Painting & Replacing doors and frames

Current Services We Are Able To Deliver

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